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"There Is a Lot Of Information On The Web Dealing With Alkaline Water"

All of our cells in the body are comprised of between 70-95% water, which is why it is the foundation of all biological life. Higher pH water or it being "in an alkaline state," creates an environment where its hydration properties are maximized. And it is this alkaline structure that brings the many benefits of Beyond O2 into your body.

The level of alkalinity is determined by a measurement called pH, which stands for 'potential hydrogen'.

In reality, it is not the 'alkalinity' or potential hydrogen that is helping the body, but rather the 'structural properties' of the water molecules (H2O) that are fed to the body at these higher pH levels. At a higher pH, there are more free electrons flying around the water's environment. These free electrons being negatively charged are called ions. This environment in which the water flows makes it more slippery or wetter. As the molecules are roaming more freely, or have less inherent bonding to each other, they naturally become more hydrating to all the cells in the body. Or in other words, there is less surface tension or resistance to flowing freely through the trillions of cell walls throughout the body. In this way, it naturally and more readily performs its functions of cleaning and replenishing its natural nutrients to these happy cells.

In a like fashion, mother nature brings water to the body through all her fruits and vegetables she has given us to eat. And as you will see from the following chart, the more raw their form, the greater the pH or wettable they are for the benefit of the body.

"In The Body" Evidence: These amazing "before" and "minutes after drinking Beyond O2 water" pictures were made using a person's blood. Taken with a dark field microscope, they provide further insights and proof as to the "environmental" impact on the body's biology when its water content is full of free flowing electrons flying freely.

Before & Afters

These are the "Before" blood cells of a customer who never drank our water before. Note they are wanting to cluster and stick together and this is typical of an acidic cell environment.

Blood Cells Before.png

This is the "After" results of the same person drinking "Beyond O2 Water" showing how their HAPPY cells are 'roaming freely' just as the free ions are delivered to the blood stream in just 15 minutes.

Blood Cells After.png

Beyond O2 Alkaline Water: With the idea of creating a wetter or powerfully hydrating water, our research proved that the best way to do this was to stay in harmony with Mother Nature. So instead of using electricity to create their pH, like so many other companies do, which temporarily shakes the electrons loose (which is why their pH effect only lasts about 48 hours). We do not use electric based metal plates. We use what nature intended, trace amounts of Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and 72 other trace minerals, to create our natural pH. This produces life long alkaline pH (in a closed container), which is naturally super hydrating..

In the same way plants become alkaline (see chart below), our water becomes alkaline with nature's natural Minerals! This is why Beyond O2 Premium Alkaline Oxygen Water is beyond the typical electrical alkaline choices out there.

Are You too Alkaline?
Do you eat raw foods as referenced in the chart below? Do you drink a lot of veggie juices already? Please ask how we can assist you in asking your body what it needs. We look forward to being of service. Check your pH in six months, you can always dilute your alkaline water level at any time.

Beyond O2 Water, The Tiffany of Alkaline Water!

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