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Blue water bottle labeled "Beyond O2," suggesting a branded or specialty water product

Beyond O2 was birthed by owner La Joy in 2008... after several years of research and planning.

La Joy's vision was to create water with exceptional qualities... beyond the typical and in Total Harmony with the spirit of Mother Nature.

She knew from her research that water was the foundation of all life on earth, but like many other things, man treated it with a lot of now our bodies actually resist drinking it. 

She was determined to change this...and provide the best possible water in a way that everyone could enjoy and benefit from its blessings "just as nature created it".

To accomplish her dream its quality needed to be "quintessentially crisp, crystal clean" and have "naturally energized oxygen-ion-rich alkalinity" if you were drinking water from a high mountain glacier stream. After years of determined intention to accomplish this, the means were developed to make it a reality...through advanced filtration sciences and the introduction of the Beyond O2 exclusive proprietary Q-Streaming Chamber technology, this has been accomplished.

All this... and more, is now available internationally through her flagship store in Santa Monica, CA.

Her vision now is to make it conveniently available throughout the world, one happy customer at a time!

Click here to contact us for Information and a free Quote or call : Toll Free: 877.817.2840 USA ( local and International ) or 310.664.8880

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