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TESTIMONIALS From a few of our thousands of happy customers...

The Finest Quality H2O In The Market. I have been a water connoisseur since 1981, meaning I make a point to find, taste, and research all the various types of drinking water that have been available on the market. Additionally, I have completed water analysis on bottle, tap, RO, and distilled machines as well as trying the latest Ion ways and Kagen machines. When I tried this water: The Beyond O2 given to me by La Joy, there definitely was a noticeable taste difference and extraordinary quality that only my tongue and body knows, it is without a doubt, the very best drinking water I've ever had the opportunity to taste. As I became more knowledgeable of the process used, I would also say based on the construction of its components, it is far superior to all other processes available today. Thank you for producing the finest quality H20 in the market.

- Christian Sun Albert CCN, Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Your Special High Oxygen Water... I am writing to let you know I am a very satisfied customer — satisfied with your product and service. 4 years ago I had heart surgery and the medical doctors had all kinds of prescription medications to put me on. Not one doctor spoke to me about any life style changes or about my diet and they certainly DID NOT TALK ABOUT THE WATER I WAS DRINKING. I discovered the secrets of being alkaline on my own and by reading and talking with some friends that were into alternative health approaches. I am not on any prescription drugs, I do yoga, eat healthy, run or take a long walk almost every day and I drink lots of your water. Just before I go to bed, I drink a large glass of your alkaline water, I found out, when we are sleeping we become dehydrated and this has made a huge difference in my sleep patterns which are now more peaceful. When I wake in the morning, first thing I do is drink a big glass of your alkaline water and then throughout the day I continue to do so. Thank you La Joy for opening such a wonderful business on the West side and making such a great store for your customers to come to. Just a lot of thanks from a very appreciative customer!

- Ted Crisell, Los Angeles

Muscle Cramps A Thing of The Past: I have been drinking water from Beyond O2 WaterHouse for over a month now, after being a tap water user for most of my life. Working out daily, I have suffered from muscle cramps quite frequently, but after drinking this high alkaline water, they are now a thing of the past. I have also said goodbye to an eight month long battle with a shoulder twinge that even acupuncture could not relieve, including an increased recovery rate after my long workouts. I have definitely done my homework on this amazing product and its benefits, and highly recommend it to be a part of your lifestyle.

- Giovanni Tucci, Simi Valley CA

Kicked Diet Coke Habit, Lost 20 Pounds. As a writer/filmmaker addicted to Diet Coke, I was looking for a way out of my addiction. As part of that plan, I made some life choices that included exercise, yoga--- and lots more water. Seemed like the universe was supporting me in my decisions, for around this time I happened to be walking past Beyond O2 WaterHouse on main street in Santa Monica and this time actually noticed it and went in. Besides being greeted by one of the friendliest and caring sales folks I've had the pleasure to do business with, I was given an education that at first overwhelmed me, but ultimately empowered me. Turns out, I knew a lot less about "bottled water'' than I thought I did- I was wasting money on individual bottles of what I thought was the BEST water on the market, only to realize I was half way there. Not to mention the waste I was creating with all those empty bottles- and the cost. I was spending more on water than gas! Did I mention the taste? One taste of Beyond O2 and I was hooked. Smooth and soothing. No after taste. That was the immediate response. Over time, I have kicked my Diet Coke habit (6 months and counting), lost 20 pounds and generally feel better over all. I know this water is the best one on the market- and when I am unable to have it (like when I recently went on a two week overseas promo tour), I really felt the difference. Believe me- British tap water just didn't cut it compared to drinking Beyond O2 water. So I guess I've replaced one addiction with another- In fact, I'm getting thirsty just writing this!

- Tim Sullivan, Santa Monica, CA, writer/director "2001 Maniacs" / "Driftwood"

I'm Amazed My Body Love's This Water: I've had my Beyond O2 Q-Streaming Kitchen System (under the counter) in for just over a year now and I'm amazed at just how much my body loves this water...I drink more water daily than I ever have in my life. It is amazing how my body seems to crave it... I can not imagine a "water craving," but it is what I am experiencing. I feel now at 53 that I've been more hydrated this past year than I have ever been. Just checked in my system's water pH to see if the Q-Stream chamber needed replaced, but it is running at a perfect pH of 9.6. I have a few friends who have tried it and now bring water bottles over when they visit... Anyway, thank you Beyond O2 for this wonderful product!

- C Harper, Charlotte, NC, 1/31/2012

We at Beyond O2 believe that.... Many people spend immense amounts of money on super foods, vitamins, pills, and supplements just to provide their bodies with ample antioxidants to neutralize free radicals and over acidity in their blood. Some scientists now believe that over acidity in the blood is the root cause of almost every health condition we have in our times. Simply changing the water you're drinking to Beyond O2 Premium Alkaline Oxygen Water gives you great health benefits in your body that comes from balancing the pH level in your blood. By drinking the best alkaline water from Beyond O2, which offers superior hydration ​and ​powerful electrolytes in each glass, you can really feel the difference. Beyond O2 is an Alkaline WaterHouse filling station where Alkaline Filtration Systems and Whole House Systems are also available.

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