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Brackish Water

Brackish Water

Customizable Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Technology To Meet Your Every Need!


30K RO Brackish Water Filtration

Shown above is a 30,000 GPD Reverse Osmosis Brackish Water Filtration System designed to meet the needs of a industrial complex facility.

Beyond O2 DeSal™ Systems are completely customizable sea water desalination systems

We can provide solutions to a wide variety of application needs.

These needs may range from ocean homes, where natural water is not accessible, to ocean going vessels (boats and ships) of any sizes.

Our manufacturing technology partners have years of engineering and expertise to address any of your needs and it all starts with an email and/or phone call.

Once we know your requirements, we'll provide you with everything you need to make a solid and highly confidence, affordable decision.


Every Desalination System requires quality maintenance and monitoring so that problems are avoided and headaches never start. With Beyond O2, system maintenance can be pre-programmed and monitored by remote connection, meaning we can monitor the quality of most every function without having to be there.


60K RO Brackish Water Filtration

Shown above is a 60,000 GPD Reverse Osmosis Brackish Water Filtration System ready to ship and deliver years of high quality performance..


Understanding 'how it works' is imperative to your personnel training and troubleshooting. Installation and maintenance training, where applicable, is vital to a long life trouble free performance.

Added Benefits

All of our systems are quality guaranteed! (Insert symbol here)

High quality of the end product is the key to our success… nothing short of creating great drinking water!

All this and more is what makes Beyond O2 critical to your consideration process. We promise, when considering such a critical investment, you will be glad you did!

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