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Enjoy Rich Minerals With Every Meal!

Beyond O2 newest product comes through an exclusive manufacturing agreement with our friends in South Korea.

GEE ISLAND, located off the west coast of S. Korea, is renowned for its purity and quality Natural Sun-Dried Sea Salt and now made exclusively for Beyond O2, Inc. This Premium Natural Sun-Dried Salt is made during the summer rain fall only during June and July, by the actions of a gentle sea breeze and the pure clean sea water of GEE ISLAND. Using traditional methods which ensure our Natural Sun-Dried Sea Salt is pure and reduces the bitter taste and is enjoyed with all types of delicious foods.

Packaged in 5.2 oz (150 Grams) Bottles Available Retail and Wholesale

This discovery now brings a most amazing treasure to your dinner table in the form of a Natural Sun-Dried Sea Salt from the GEE Island. It makes many of your typical dishes even more delicious while keeping their natural favors.

Natural Minerals Beyond Your Typical Table Salt:

This sea salt is packed full of Nature's most natural Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium minerals (The Highest content of "Magnesium" in the World!). These rich sodium minerals complement the natural mineral needs of our body... while giving you the blessings of added tastiness. To see just how special it is, reference the chart below to comparable saltsfrom Australia, Mexico, and France. ​​

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