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Thoroughbred Horse Racing and Riding Water Filtration Systems

O2-Racing-Riding Horse Water™

Proper hydration is critical to the horse’s health and performance.

The need for quality water is little considered when it comes to the animals we love. This seems particularly true when it comes to thoroughbred horses. Yet, this is changing as owners are discovering that the "quality of hydration" is most important to not only wellness, but also to high performance. Though the evidence is empirical, trainers who began treating their Thoroughbreds with the delights of Beyond O2 Alkaline Water are seeing positive results.


ACCELERATE wins by 8 lengths at 1:53 beating the Top Rated in the World while drinking BEYOND O2 PREMIUM ALKALINE OXYGEN WATER

Horses are 100 times more sensitive to odors than humans and we have found that they drink more when Beyond O2 Alkaline water is made available to them as opposed to tap water.

In a national ranking, one of our many trainers was rated 14 out of 100 and after only three months of providing BO2 AW moved up to number 2. Now that is success!

People in the horse industry are dealing with acidosis and alkaline water has been shown to reverse this condition.

It makes perfect sense. Hydration is the foundation of all life, so if dehydration is present on any level, it is completely logical that performance would be compromised or inconsistent at best. Moreover, if dehydration shows up in us as fatigue and metabolic stress or strain, it only holds to reason that the same would be true with the beloved animals in our lives.

Beyond O2 Thoroughbred Horse Alkaline Water™ Filtration Systems, like our high quality alkaline drinking water, uses natural minerals in trace amounts to bring the water to a refreshing, and super-hydrating state. And each system's technology is completely customizable and tailored to each stable's environment or trainer's needs.

Additionally, Beyond O2 systems come with features that simplify the process of giving our animals all the extra love they deserve. As follows are just a few of these features:​ 

Beyond O2 "PORTABLE" RO designed systems shown here "without storage unit" and our "Exclusive Q-Stream Chamber™, which naturally raises the pH to Alkaline enhancing its ionic energizing hydration benefits". Each delivers 50 - 500 gallons per day (GPD).

BO2-Racing-Riding Horse Water™ Filtration System holding tank not shown but available in various options.

Systems are all customizable to meet needs that vary from quality to affordability.

Click here to contact us for Information and a free Quote or call : Toll Free: 877.817.2840 USA ( local and International ) or 310.664.8880

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