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BO2-CI-Reverse Osmosis™

Water Filtration through Beyond O2 BO2-CI-Reverse Osmosis™ Systems are completely customizable for the diversity of commercial and industry needs. Our manufacturing technology partners have years of engineering expertise to address any of your needs or special requirement. It all starts with your kind consideration followed by an email and/or phone call.

Once we know your requirements, we'll provide you with everything you need to make a solid, highly confidence, and cost-conscious decision.

Many special features are included and optional when your filtration/water quality challenges are brought to us. As follows are just a few:


Systems Maintenance

Every system requires quality maintenance and monitoring, so that problems are avoided and headaches never start. With Beyond O2, system maintenance can be programed and monitored by remote connection, meaning we can monitor the quality of most every function without having to be there.

Systems Training

Understanding 'how it works' is key to your personnel training and troubleshooting. Installation and maintenance training, where applicable is key to long life trouble free performance.

Systems Added Benefits

Beyond O2 lives by the quality of our drinking water and whole home water treatment and filtration systems. Quality of the end product is key to our criteria for all engineering and ultimately, your overall experience with our systems - nothing short of creating great drinking water!

All this and more is what makes Beyond O2 critical to your consideration process. We promise, when considering such a critical investment, you will be glad you did!

Systems Design Considerations:

End Quality Needs? Each level of purification requires variation of filtration design, flow and function. These consideration effect both quality and quantity of filters used in the system in order to take the 'source' water from where it is to where we want it to be quality wise.

Daily Quantity Needed? This criteria deals with your needs in gallons-per-day today and those projected going into the future. This need is balanced about 'storage capacity', which are used to take care of peak-demands.

Environmental Conditions? Water purification environments vary from extreme hot outdoors to indoor conditioned environments. Other than these physical conditions, consideration is given to 'location and/or distant from source water.

Click here to contact us for Information and a free Quote or call : Toll Free: 877.817.2840 USA ( local and International ) or 310.664.8880

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