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Question: How Long does the pH remain alkaline with your Home Q-Stream System?

Answer: Basically, it last pH is increased naturally. See "Q-Steam Download Info Below"

Question: Can I use Beyond O2 to water my plants?

Answer: Please do not feed Alkaline water to your plants. They are happier with a neutral pH.

Question: What about my dog/cat?

Answer: It's great! They love it too.

Question: What is the temperature of Beyond O2 Alkaline Water?

Answer: Your system does not use electricity so it is room temperature. It is also great cold or hot.

Question: What happens to the water when I heat it?

Answer: A good rule of thumb is simmer instead of boiling when you can (to lose less pH).

Question: Can I take my supplements with Beyond O2 Alkaline water?

Answer: Yes you can. In fact, the alkaline water will help your body absorb more nutrients!

Question: What type of container should I use to carry Beyond O2 Alkaline water?

Answer: Because it is Alkaline Water (and not acidic), any type of container works.

Question: Does the home filtration Q-Stream Alkaline Water System require electricity?

Answer: No. It operates completely off your incoming water pressure.

Tech Sheet PDF Downloads (opens in new window):
About Our Structured Water or "Quantum Divinity Encoding":

By Christos Harper, Beyond O2 Technology Consultant

Quantum Divinity Encoding or the "Blessings" encoded into the memory of Beyond O2 water means it contains that which is in the mind of the Divine Creator, focused, or transferred into the memory of Beyond O2 Premium Alkaline Water. It's a principle of creation that operates beyond time and space... yet it is the same "natural space" from where Love's healing miracles accrue.

In this space of time, such Divine frequencies or Intelligence stands within the intention realms behind all Forces of Creation. This same "Intelligent Force" (God Force as you may call it) is demonstrated "in expression" within the quantum experiment called the "Double Spit Experiment" and also expressed in the work of Dr. Emoto (see videos below).

Thus, when Beyond O2 water is drank in alignment with the intention "to experience/observe" healing from the "Blessings of Love" encoded in our water, you will observe and experience it as healing (just as 'observing' changed outcomes in the Double Slit Experiment). In this way, the 'truth of Quantum Divinity" proves itself continuously in the field of quantum physics, completely baffling 'objective reasoning' of Quantum Physicist. It is through this 'little understood principle' of creation we use to activate the water's chemistry from the very foundation of its molecular structure.

Measuring such influences then becomes the next question of most, yet measuring 'infinity' requires first an understanding that says "there is nothing real but quantum energetic forces behind all of creation and 'matter' as man perceives it is nothing but a finite dream of a false reality. Thus, such measures can only be measured at a level where "Quantum Divinity" is realized, acknowledging that there is a Loving Intelligence behind all forces of creation. It can be measured subjectively "through observation" or when tied into the measure of the water's 'behavior' itself, such as Dr. Emoto's work has demonstrated. Additionally, it can be observed in trees as a result of Divine Intelligence coursing water up through its veins; where it carries nutrients up from the ground, completely contrary to gravity, throughout the tree, giving it what we call 'life'.

In a like fashion, Beyond O2 Divinity Water courses through the energy field vibrating throughout the Spirit, complimenting the healing life energies that are already there. This energetic field that can be subjectively measured within the Spirit—for this is where, and the only place where, the influence of the water's encoding that can be experienced as influencing change. Yet 'this' intelligent energy, as touched on earlier, can not be measured in the space of "time" as most know it... as they do not exist in a historical context of man's traditional laws of physics. This fact is simply the fact from which the living life energies of creation operates and why 'water' remains such a mystery in the biology science of man. Continued below...

Dr. Emoto Proof That Structure Water Is
Quantum Physics "In The Moment" Dimension
Our "Quantum Divinity" Theory, continuing from above...

So if the properties of "water memory' can not be measure in the 'historical context', where can it be measured? Being that these energies are expressions of love, we begin by going to where love exists. The energies, or feelings, of Love only exists in the present moment of time. In light of this fact, man's traditional 'double blind experiments' can not be applied as herein we are trying to test two difference dimensional realities...of which "love only exist in one"...the 'Now Moment'. Most misunderstand this principle of Love and as the God Force of creation, it is always expressing itself as "potential" infinite creation. Is this way, it shows up as "wave potentials" in the Double Slit Experiment... until such moment that it is asked to "be of our creation". The moment this happen, it transforms through Divine Intelligence Applied... the caterpillar naturally becomes the butterfly and the waves of potential begin behaving 'like matter' when observed in the Double Slit Experiment. Or in short, Love begins moving, creating, in purposeful expression.

So to measure "Divine Encoding' in the 'present moment' we need a "present moment" measurement device. Surprisingly, we have one at our fingertip... our bodies! Our body's could be said, for simplicity, to be both waves and particles... or the means of communicating between the 'matter world' and the 'spiritual world'. To do this, we use a process we call 'Advanced Kinesiology'(AK). Through AK, we can explore the world of 'present moment infinity creations' through simple 'yes' and 'no' questions. However, it should be noted that such measurements cannot be objectively tested in any way other than the 'present moment'. Why? Because these quantum energies of Divine Love only exist in the "present moment" dimension of our space/time continuum. Thus, it simply will not allow itself to be tested 'historically' or in a 'comparative' way. But it will allow its' nature to be measured by simply asking the body "is it present here 'now'"... or within this framework of intention in the 'now' moment. Like an accounting balance sheet, it will allow us to take a snap shot look at its' expression 'in time'; again, as with Dr. Emotos' photography.

Through using the body as a communicating measurement modality, we have measured 'tap water' to have an 'Energetic Level (EL)" of minus (-) 450... where Divinity Encoded Beyond O2 Water measures +3485 EL. From these results, plus the addition of minerals added, summarizes the biggest reason why customers love Beyond O2 Water and begin drinking 2-3 times the amount they had normally drank before. Why does this happen? Their body's Love It and like any craving, it has to have more!


Understanding Acidity Effects In pH Terms On The Body

Surprisingly, during our first year in business, we found most people (80-90%) body's pH who came into our store were acidic, when optimally, it has a 7.2 - 7.4 pH or what you can easily call slightly alkaline. As a result of body's being acidic (<7 pH), it naturally has to 'self-compensate' by borrowing minerals like calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium, from organs and bones throughout the body... so to "neutralize" the acidity and then swiftly remove it from the body. This 'detoxing' process of course creates a strain on the body and can be experienced as fatigue at best in the short term and at worst over the longer term, organ dysfunction, immune compromise, and disease.

Because of this strain, the body can suffer severe and prolonged damage due to high acidity—a condition that may go undetected for years. Thus, many doctors agree... a Mild acidosis condition in the body over time can cause such problems as:


  • Premature aging, wrinkles and a host of other skin conditions.

  • Weight gain, obesity and even the on set of diabetes.

  • Yeast and fungal overgrowth, candida and the like.

  • Joint pain, aching muscles and lactic acid buildup.

  • Acceleration of free radical damage, or providing an environment conducive to cancerous cell mutations.

  • Heart and vascular damage, including the constriction of blood vessels and the reduction of oxygen.

  • Reduced energy and at worst, chronic fatigue.

  • Bladder and kidney problems, including kidney stones.

  • Immune system dysfunction... excessive colds and sickness.

  • Weakened or brittle bones leading to easy fracturing or Osteoporosis.

  • Slow digestion, elimination and other intestinal dysfunctions.

More On pH:
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