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Take your hydration to a whole new level. Order our Premium Purified Alkaline Water in 1 - liter bottles by the case! Not only will you have the water readily available but the taste of Beyond O2 water leaves you craving more!


Our water is freshly bottled daily at our home store location in Santa Monica, California. This deliciously refreshing alkaline water offers enhanced immune system function, enhanced circulation, increased energy and vitality and more!


Our proprietary blend of natural minerals not only improves your overall health and well-being but also gives our water an impeccably clean, mountain-spring water taste. And because our water is naturally alkaline, it maintains its pH even through the shipping process. This is what’s referred to as a stable pH. Our water has a naturally infinite shelf life in a closed container!


Beyond O2 Premium Purified Alkaline Water in 1 - liter bottles can be purchased by the case (12 per case). With the convenience of the "grab-and-go", pre-filled 1 - liter bottles, you’ll never have the excuse of running out of water.


Moreover, purchasing a case of Beyond O2 1 - liter bottles is another way to try the water before investing in your own home Beyond O2 Alkaline Water filtration system.


We ship domestically as well as overseas! Order your case now and find out why people from all over the world love Beyond O2!


    • 1 Liter Bottle Case (12 bottles per case)
    • 1Liter-34oz
    • Food grade plastic bottles
    • Labeled and bottled at Beyond O2, Inc. in Santa Monica, CA
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