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BO2 Alkaline Crystal Beauty Soap

BO2 Alkaline Crystal Beauty Soap
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Alkaline Crystal Beauty Soap

Active ingredients in the bamboo help to hydrate your skin for softer & more lustrous results. The natural minerals & Silica in the bamboo help to clear away dead skin & blemishes, leaving your skin more youthful, moist and lively. Lather you will Love to use again & again!

NET WT: 3.5oz/100g

Alkaline Crystal Beauty Bar

Provides rich essential minerals, primarily: calcium, potassium, silica, germanium, selenium, magnesium and much more. Your skin & body will thank you!

This mineral Rich beauty bar is made with all natural Crystal Solar Salt. First we put the solar salt into sections of bamboo and seal the entrance with clay. Then we burn it with pine tree wood at about 700~800 degrees. We then shake off the ashes and grind the salt pillar. Then we put the salt back into bamboo repeating this process 7 more times. The 9th & last time, we melt the salt into a lava like liquid by heating it at 1,300 degrees. This lava becomes Crystallized and once it cools off, we crush it into powder. The final product is Alkaline Mineral Rich, Uber Lathering, Bamboo Crystal Beauty Bar.

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