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Beyond O2 Amma Rose Spray

Beyond O2 Amma Rose Spray
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Beyond O2 Amma Rose Spray

Utilizing Amma’s proprietary blend of sandalwood and rose essential oils with Beyond O2 Premium Alkaline Water, this misting spray brings the energy of nurturing and softness, similar to the embrace of Amma herself.

Amma’s signature fragrance reminds us to soften and surrender into the energy of Love, compassion and inclusion. Throughout the world Amma is known as a humanitarian and spiritual leader. Revered in India as a healer and sage, she spends most of her waking hours embracing strangers, offering them unconditional love. 

          Beyond O2 Amma Rose Spray

- Proprietary Blend of Precious Sandalwood and Rose Essential Oils

- Body and Environment mist 

Beyond O2 Alkaline Water made from Real Pearls, Coral, Volcanic Rock and Crystals

- Cobalt blue spray bottle 4oz/100ml

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