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The need of quality water is little considered when it comes to the animals we love.
This seems particularly true when it comes to race horses. Yet, this is changing as owners are discovering that the "quality of hydration" is most important to not only wellness, but high performance, happy horses.  Though the evidence is empirical, trainers who began treating their Thoroughbreds with the delights of BO-Racing-Riding Horse Water by Beyond O2 are seeing the difference.

It makes perfect sense. Hydration is the foundation of all biological life energy, so if dehydration is present on any level, it is completely logical that performance would be compromised or inconsistent at best. Moreover, if dehydration shows up in us as fatigue and metabolic stress or strain,  it only holds to reason that the same would be true with the beloved animals in our lives.

Beyond O2 BO2-Racing-Riding Horse Water™ Filtration Systems, like our high quality alkaline drinking water, uses natural minerals in trace amounts to bring the water to an detoxing, refreshing, and super-hydrating state. And each system's technology is completely customizable and tailored to each stable's environment or trainer's needs.

Additionally, Beyond O2 systems come with features that simplify the process of giving our animals all the extra love they deserve. As follows are just a few of these features:​
  • Maintenance - every water filtration system requires quality maintenance and monitoring, so that problems are avoided and headaches never start. With Beyond O2, system maintenance can be programed and monitored by remote connection, meaning we can monitor the quality of most every function without having to be there. Optional 3rd party maintenance arrangements are also available where needed.
  • Training - Understanding 'how it works' is key to your personnel training and troubleshooting.  Installation and maintenance training, where applicable is key to long life trouble free performance. Optional 3rd party maintenance arrangements are also available where needed.
  • Added Benefits - Beyond O2 lives by the quality of our drinking water and whole home water treatment and filtration systems. Quality of the end product is key to our criteria for all engineering and ultimately, your overall experience with our systems - nothing short of creating great drinking water! 
All this and more is what makes Beyond O2 critical to your consideration process. We promise, when considering such a critical investment, you will be glad you did!

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Beyond O2 "PORTABLE" RO designed systems shown here "without storage unit" and our "Exclusive Q-Stream Chamber™, which naturally raises the pH to Alkaline enhancing its ionic energizing hydration benefits". Each delivers 50 - 500 gallons per day (GPD).

BO2-Racing-Riding Horse Water™ Filtration System
holding tank not shown
but available in various options.

Systems are all customizable to meet needs that vary from quality to affordability.
Alkaline Water for Race Horses
Portable Full Stable System on Casters
​(not showing storage tanks)
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